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Not much here for now, so here are some 'extras':
IRTS news

IRTS newsreaders, 40 m [11:00Z, 7.123 MHz]
IRTS newsreaders, 80 m [12:00Z, 3.650 MHz]
IRTS newsreaders, 40 m [Sundays, 10:00Z, 7.123 MHz]
IRTS newsreaders, 80 m [Sundays, 11:00Z, 3.650 MHz]
EI7KN KiwiSDR rx on 7.123 MHz (Galway)
EI7KN KiwiSDR rx on 3.650 MHz (Galway)
You can use cronTab extension in Chrome-based browsers to open the receiver at the right time.

Callsigns: G4BKI, G4BKI/VP9, VP9KF, 8P9FT, J8/VP9KF, W4/G4BKI, G4BKI/J3, J37KF, V31WJ, F/G4BKI, TK/G4BKI, EI6LC

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